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Faith Commons lifts up faith voices in the public square for the common good.

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We cultivate unexpected relationships through educational programs that inspire more people to participate in public life with mutual respect, hospitality, and generosity.

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From speaker events to film screenings, community gatherings, and more, Faith Commons seeks to bring people together so we can work together for the common good.

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The Good God podcast hosts conversations with Rev. Dr. George Mason, for people who care about the positive contribution of faith to public life.  Weekly episodes will touch on subjects such as religion, politics, education, science, law, the arts, philosophy and philanthropy.

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The Luther Center of North Texas Presents
The 11th Annual Herbener Lecture

Christian Nationalism poses a significant threat to American democracy, and many of the issues we at Faith Commons are involved in are ancillary to this destructive movement.

This year, we were honored to co-sponsor the 2023 Herbener Lecture Series with The Luther Center of North Texas.

Rev. Pamela Cooper-White shared insights from her book The Psychology of Christian Nationalism: How People Are Drawn In and How to Cross the Divide.

After her lecture, she was joined onstage by Rabbi Nancy Kasten from Faith Commons and Amanda Tyler from Christians Against Christian Nationalism for a discussion moderated by Rev. George Mason.

The Faith Commons Blog

by Mara Richards Bim When elementary school children in the U.S. study the founding of our country, they learn about the British …

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Every day the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sends out an email titled, “Daily Campus Crisis Alert.” Crises include students …

Faith Commons is happy to announce that Mara Richards Bim is joining the interfaith nonprofit organization as Program Director effective June 1.

Although tolerance is no doubt a step forward from intolerance, it does not require new neighbors to know anything about one another. Tolerance can create a climate of restraint but not one of understanding. Tolerance alone does little to bridge the chasms of stereotype and fear that may, in fact, dominate the mutual image of the other. … It is far too fragile a foundation for a society that is becoming as religiously complex as ours.

Diana Eck, A New Religious America – How a “Christian Country” Has Become the World’s Most Religiously Diverse Nation (Harper Collins, 2001).

Featured Events

Jun 17
7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
Northaven Church, 11211 Preston Rd
Dallas, TX 75230 United States

Under G-d is a 22-minute documentary film that weaves together the stories of a mother and activist in Indiana, a rabbi in Florida and lawyers throughout the country fighting abortion […]

Sep 20
September 20 - September 21
Life in Deep Ellum, 2803 Taylor St.
Dallas, TX 75226 United States

The Compassion & Justice Conference will bring together people and organizations from different backgrounds to worship, grow, pray, and take action. You will have the opportunity to hear and learn […]

Thoughts from the Commons is our monthly email communication featuring a written reflection on current events, ways to engage, trustworthy resources, and more.


Our podcast is a meeting place for people to think together about the conflicts and confluence in the currents of culture and the movements of the Spirit. The conversations seek to move viewers and/or listeners from an exasperated Good, God! to the affirmation, Good God.
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“With three outstanding faith leaders from the world’s three major religions, listeners have the opportunity to receive meaningful support and comfort regardless of one’s own beliefs.”


“In a time of division, nothing is more welcome to me than 3 faith leaders of differing faiths who gather to discuss commonalities.”


“Faith Commons shows once again how connected we all are through God who crosses boundaries, borders, ethnicities, cultures, and religions—what a large and gracious God who breathes God’s Spirit into all!”


“Faith commons program today was terrific. I was in tears when it was over. Times reminding me of days I marched as a teenager. Thank you so much for all you do!”