Faith Commons

Our Story

In uncertain and unstable times, we need fewer visions of perfect heaven and more actions to improve flawed but beautiful human projects. A healthy culture grows from nurturing democracy, education, law, science, art, philanthropy and religion. Faith in such secular endeavors means believing in what people can do for one another: facing problems compassionately and intelligently; pursuing truth without prejudice; creating solutions that work for everyone. These are the tasks we must undertake to believe in one another again.

Photo: George and Nancy with Eboo Patel, Founder and President of Interfaith America

Promoting the Common Good

In 2018 Rev. Dr. George Mason created the vision for a Dallas-based, inclusive-faith organization committed to promoting the common good. Faith Commons is a “commons” that materializes when people of all faiths and none bring their spiritual identities and convictions to learn about, discuss and respond to issues affecting society and culture together.

What We Do

We convene faith leaders and people of good faith for conversations with one another around issues critical to our life together. We learn from both academics and practitioners. We produce podcasts and broadcast digital programs to reach wider audiences. We collaborate with other organizations and institutions whenever possible so that we can do more together than separately.

Recognizing that diversity will provoke disagreements over definitions of justice, freedom and the common good, Faith Commons models how to work together amid differences, learning from one another, overcoming fear and misunderstanding of one another, seeking together to love God and our neighbor as ourselves.

Faith Commons models how to work together amid differences