Faith Commons


rooted in the common values of many faiths.

Faith Commons promotes public discourse rooted in the common values of many faiths. We cultivate unexpected relationships through educational programs that inspire more people to participate in public life with mutual respect, hospitality, and generosity.

Our Vision.

We envision a diverse and inclusive community working together to advance and accelerate positive, structural change in Dallas and across the country.

Our mission is to catalyze conversations and community partnerships that address emerging opportunities to break down systemic barriers to equity and human dignity. 

Our Mission.

Our Approach.

We do this by building deep and mutually-beneficial relationships that bring together faith-based and civil society organizations with passionate advocates committed to seeking justice, truth, and healing. 

Together and in conversation with local government, we develop tangible, community-based solutions that improve the lives of our friends and neighbors, and then help see them through to completion.