Faith Commons

State of Our Faith

State of Our Faith (SOF)  is a periodic video conversation between Faith Commons leaders George Mason and Nancy Kasten about the moral and spiritual significance of current events.

Guests are occasionally invited to add their insights from their faith perspective or their vocational expertise.

SOF seeks to model respectful dialogue about the common good in a way that both honors the distinctives of each faith tradition and draws us closer to the ideal of true religious pluralism.

State of Our Faith: Finding joy in the Holiday Season

Finding the light and spirit in the Holiday Season in what can seem a very troubled and challenging world. Embracing the discomfort and still finding joy, is where you find meaning.

State of Our Faith: The Importance of Voting

Voting is a sacred privilege and a sacred responsibility, in which not everyone participates. How do we demonstrate the value and importance of organizing ourselves to make the changes that need to come?

State of our Faith: The Derek Chauvin Verdict

The Derek Chauvin verdict offers a moment to consider our country’s progress. Yet we face a crossroads. Rev. Fredrick Hayes joins the conversation as we examine how we take our progress and continue to push forward.

State of Our Faith: DISD Bond Propositions

Miguel Solis, the Executive Director, of the Coalition for a New Dallas joins in a discussion about the DISD Bond Propositions that are aimed at improving the school facilities in Dallas.

State of our Faith: How to Vote Safely in the 2020 Election

All religions believe all people count therefore they should work to ensure all votes get counted. George and Nancy lead a panel to discuss navigating the risks and complexities of voting and provide practical tips to make sure all voices are heard.

State of our Faith: Join us for a conversation about the 2020 Election

Join us on October 8, 2020, for a discussion on how to Vote Safely in the 2020 Election.

State of our Faith: Theology, Liberation, Police, and Prisons

How do we connect our theology to public life? Today we are joined by a panel to discuss the Road to Liberation for all people.

State of our Faith: Freedom, is it self-evident?

What is the extent of Freedom? What are its responsibilities? What are we being freed from? What are we being freed for? Join us as we explore these important questions.

State of our Faith: The Definition of “DeFund the Police”

Dr. Omar Suleiman joins us to explain the Defund the Police movement. It does not mean dismantling police forces. It involves reimaging police enforcement and community response.

State of our Faith: True Religious Freedom

Dr. Omar Suleiman and Melissa Rogers join us to discuss religious freedom and the often-dueling definitions. Together we will examine the question, “How do we maintain the separation of church and state the same time we are working collectively for equity, justice, and liberty?”