Faith Commons

Opening Our Eyes to Thanksgiving

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Several years ago, an Israeli friend participated in a vacation home swap with an acquaintance in Europe. When she returned to her home in Jerusalem, she […]

Peacebuilders Never Give Up

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Massacre. Abduction. Bloodbath. Torture. No one word adequately describes the depravity of  Hamas’ attack against Israel on October 7. All of them apply. And no one […]

Faith Commons in the News

“Rabbi Nancy Kasten, who leads an interfaith group in Dallas, said she sympathized with the challenges facing Palestinians and believed Israel’s government had long committed human rights violations. But she […]

There Is No Real Solution Without Peace

George and the twelve people who arrived in Israel/Palestine on Friday have now safely arrived in a hotel in Tiberias. They plan to cross over the border to Jordan tomorrow […]

What Makes This Land Holy?

Just as this newsletter was about to go out we received word that Hamas had launched an attack on Israel, initiating the kind of violence that made it necessary for […]

A Prayer for Yom Kippur

by Alice Shalvi O God, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Creator of humankind and all living things, grant me the power to feel as others feel, the power to listen […]