Faith Commons

Sermon: “The Third Way”

by Rev. Dr. George Mason February 14, 2024 Ash Wednesday | Woodland Church | San Antonio, TX Scripture: 8:31-38 It would be easy to read Jesus in Mark’s Gospel as […]

Sermon: “All In”

by Rev. Dr. George Mason January 7, 2024 | Church of the Transfiguration | Dallas, TX Scripture: Mark 1:4-11 Do you see what he did, your good rector? He looked […]

Rescuing Food and Recovering Faith

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten In January of 2023 Faith Commons invited a group of people to a meeting to discuss how to reduce food insecurity in Dallas. To be honest, […]

What will become of us in 2024?

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Last week someone asked to meet us at our location. We had to explain that Faith Commons is not a brick and mortar operation. Our location […]

Slouching toward Bethlehem

by Rev. Dr. George Mason, Second Baptist Church, Lubbock, Texas 2nd Sunday of Advent, December 10, 2023 |  Isaiah 40:1-5; 2 Peter 3:8-15a It’s an occupational hazard, I suppose. Whenever […]

Opening Our Eyes to Thanksgiving

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Several years ago, an Israeli friend participated in a vacation home swap with an acquaintance in Europe. When she returned to her home in Jerusalem, she […]