The problem of religious nationalism

by Rev. Dr. George Mason Nancy’s essay this month is a heartrending and painful example of what we try to model through Faith Commons. In that same spirit, it seems […]

Nationalism or terrorism? Let’s get clear.

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten This week Jews across the globe celebrated the holiday of Purim, commemorating the Persian Jewish community’s deliverance from destruction as described in the biblical book of […]

More than food for thought

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Hunger is pervasive in Texas, but for the most part, it’s invisible. We don’t have to guess how many Texas households lost power in the most […]

Resolution Revolutions

In a CBS poll conducted by telephone in December, 29% of Americans said they were making New Year’s resolutions, down from 43% last year. What’s behind this notable decline? No […]

Immigration: A Human Story

Our fifth monthly newsletter from Faith Commons is about immigration, coinciding with the new series on immigration on our podcast: Good God.   The second Monday in October is known […]

Thoughts from the Commons: Upstanders

Our fourth monthly newsletter from Faith Commons is about being an “Upstander,” and learning to speak up and stand up for justice.   The term “Upstander,” first used by diplomat […]