Your Faith Belongs in Public Schools

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Senate Bill 763 uses our tax dollars to reinforce dangerous White Christian Nationalist ideology. The consequences to students on matters of moral dispute such as contraception, […]

This Land Is Whose Land?

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Every country is unique. And each may even make its own claim to being exceptional. But challenges we face in America are mirrored in challenges we […]

Do As I Say, Not As I Do?

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten In his press release following the Texas State Senate’s passage of bills requiring public schools to display the Ten Commandments in every classroom and allowing school […]

Thinking and praying about gun violence

The direction of healing is toward one another by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Governor Greg Abbott makes it clear he will never reduce access to guns. Even after recent high-profile brutal […]

The problem of religious nationalism

by Rev. Dr. George Mason Nancy’s essay this month is a heartrending and painful example of what we try to model through Faith Commons. In that same spirit, it seems […]

Nationalism or terrorism? Let’s get clear.

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten This week Jews across the globe celebrated the holiday of Purim, commemorating the Persian Jewish community’s deliverance from destruction as described in the biblical book of […]

More than food for thought

by Rabbi Nancy Kasten Hunger is pervasive in Texas, but for the most part, it’s invisible. We don’t have to guess how many Texas households lost power in the most […]